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Risky Business Begins in Organizational Culture 

April 13, 2024
Risky Business Begins in Organizational Culture  There’s a popular phrase that showcases the relationship of culture in an organization: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Attributed widely to Peter Drucker, the phrase puts a spotlight on the significant impact of culture over any other type of organizational strategy or planning—including risk.  The 2024 PwC Trust Survey […]

The Art of Risking It All: The surprising connection between romance and insurance

February 14, 2024
The Art of Risking It All: The surprising connection between romance and insurance This Valentine’s Day, we’re looking at the biggest risk of all: being vulnerable in the name of love. This is the season of celebrating love, and we’re taking the opportunity to turn a more professional eye to relationships—and the important way we […]

Houti and the Insurance Blowfish

February 9, 2024
Houti and the Insurance Blowfish When we consume the evening news, the developments in other countries can often feel worlds away and disconnected from our everyday lives. The connection between strife in the Middle East, attacks on trading vessels in faraway straits may feel distant, but they have a very tangible impact on our daily […]

When Insurance Gets Risky

January 31, 2024
When Insurance Gets Risky The role of reinsurance during times of natural disasters At any given time, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has up to 4,000 reservists ready to deploy to disasters across the United States. These disasters, especially those like Hurricane Otis that escalate very quickly and cause major unpredicted damage, can wreak […]

The Risk-Mitigation Power of Equity Theory

November 14, 2023
The Risk-Mitigation Power of Equity Theory Equity theory, developed by J. Stacy Adams in the 1960s, is a psychological concept that focuses on the idea of fairness and balance in the workplace. It suggests that employees compare their input (effort, skills, time) and output (salary, benefits, recognition) to that of their colleagues to determine whether […]

RiskVersity Welcomes Alvina Nyako

October 30, 2023
RiskVersity Welcomes Alvina Nyako A native from West Africa (Ghana and Liberia), Alvina has over 10 years of experience in Safety and Risk Management, where she has been developing and implementing comprehensive risk management policies across various public entity organizations. With a dynamic and proactive approach, she excels at identifying and analyzing a wide range […]

5 Signs Your Organization Could Be at Risk of Cyber Attacks  

October 24, 2023
5 Signs Your Organization Could Be at Risk of Cyber Attacks   Organizations are never completely safe from cyber criminals and subsequent attacks. Cyber criminals are constantly changing the way they target organizations through new tactics and mechanisms, which makes it more difficult to reduce and minimize risk. Because of this, organizations must constantly reevaluate the […]

Building Resilience from the Ground Up: RiskVersity's Hyper-Local Approach

October 11, 2023
Building Resilience from the Ground Up: RiskVersity's Hyper-Local Approach In the world of risk management, resilience is a buzzword. We aim to build more resilient nations, communities, and organizations. The reality is that in our ever-changing lives filled with uncertainties and challenges, building resilience at any level begins with nurturing resilient individuals. RiskVersity aims to […]

Importance of Cybersecurity Protection in Education 

August 18, 2023
Importance of Cybersecurity Protection in Education The new school year is an exciting time for parents, students and teachers, but it’s also a popular time for hackers, cybersecurity threats, and identity theft. At surface level, schools don’t seem to be an attractive target for online criminals. However, school systems host a large amount of private […]

Top Tips for Ensuring Employee Safety in the Workplace

June 22, 2023
Top Tips for Ensuring Employee Safety in the Workplace One of the greatest risks faced by organizations is the loss of high-quality employees due to unsafe working environments. Workplace safety remains a top priority across various industries. However, there is now an increasing focus on both psychological and physical safety for employees. Establishing a culture […]

Is it time to challenge the “status quo” in your risk management program?

May 23, 2023
Is it time to challenge the “status quo” in your risk management program? The cost of insurance is rising while available capacity is shrinking simultaneously. Insurance and re-insurance intermediaries are documenting these increases through various market insights and publications in an attempt to ensure that their clients are well informed.   While this is helpful in […]

Everyday Risk Management

May 11, 2023
Everyday Risk Management Risk management isn't always a formal decision that we make. Day in and day out, we are constantly assessing situations and circumstances to manage the risk in our lives. For many of us, there a dozens of daily ways that we practice everyday risk management. This month, we're challenging you to think […]

What the Silicon Valley Bank Closure Means for Your Organization

April 11, 2023
What the Silicon Valley Bank Closure Means for Your Organization The recent closure of Silicon Valley Bank by the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation has sparked important discussions on the importance of risk management and the closure’s impact on organizations throughout the country. Bank failures like this one have happened before; however, this […]

The Benefits and Risks of Using AI in Risk Management

March 2, 2023
The Benefits and Risks of Using AI in Risk Management Risk management is a critical function for any organization, as it helps to identify and mitigate potential risks that could impact the business. As technology continues to advance, more and more organizations are turning to AI to help them with risk management. AI can offer […]

Diversity Can Reduce Organizational Risk 

February 12, 2023
February commences Black History Month, followed closely by the celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8th. While DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) always play an important role in the workplace, this month provides the perfect opportunity to reflect on your organization’s DEI efforts and identify areas of improvement. For the last decade, DEI efforts […]

RiskVersity Announces Partnership with Risk Wizard to offer cloud-based risk management tools

January 10, 2023
RiskVersity Announces Partnership with Risk Wizard to offer cloud-based risk management tools RiskVersity, a Risk Management consulting firm with a specialization in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Risk Wizard, a provider of ERM software, are proud to announce a strategic alliance to strengthen and grow their portfolio of ERM related solutions and services. The alliance […]

Top Risk Management Trends for 2023

December 1, 2022
Top Risk Management Trends for 2023 As we prepare to ring in the New Year, many organizations are planning their risk management strategies for 2023. For the past several years, the topic of cybersecurity has become increasingly popular across all industries. A shift to remote working has continued in many organizations even after the height […]

How to do more with less: Using software to fill in the gaps

November 1, 2022
How to do more with less: Using software to fill in the gaps There is a common narrative around the use of advanced software technology, including artificial intelligence, that centers on its domination of jobs and elimination for the need for human capital. While some elements of this are valid, such as the World Economic […]

Tips for Minimizing Risk at Your Holiday Staff Party

October 12, 2022
With the holiday season approaching, your organization is probably beginning to plan its annual holiday staff party. While the holidays are a great opportunity to celebrate staff achievements and encourage team bonding, holiday parties also present an opportunity for great risk and company liability. If you need a reminder of holiday parties gone wrong, Ask […]

Is It Time to Hire a Risk Management Consultant?

September 23, 2022
Every day across the United States, more than 10,000 people turn 65 years old. This means that in any given year, nearly 3.8 million people are hitting retirement age, continuing the impact of the so-called “silver tsunami” on the economy and the job market. Industries everywhere seek to fill the gaps left by retiring employees. […]

Reducing Risk Through Cybersecurity

August 5, 2022
As organizations continue to adopt hybrid and remote work schedules, the threat of cybersecurity attacks increases. Attackers are constantly finding new ways to penetrate an organization’s network to access personal and confidential information. Cyberattacks can have a detrimental effect on an organization’s financial health and daily operation. However, as the risk of cyberattacks increases, risk […]

Supply Chain Disruptions & Their Impact on Business

June 15, 2022
This year has been a challenge for many industries. From historic workforce shortages in construction and health care to soaring material costs, there have been obstacles to productivity stemming primarily from COVID-19. One of the headline-grabbing issues has been supply chain disruptions. Earlier this month, two of the top retailers in the United States posted […]

How to Manage Remote Teams

June 7, 2022
Over the past two years, the pandemic has forced us to establish a new normal, both personally and professionally. For many organizations, part of this new normal has included working entirely remote or adopting a hybrid work schedule. According to the National Council on Compensation Insurance, nearly a quarter of the workforce in the United […]

The Risk of Obsolescence

June 2, 2022
The nature of risk is that it cannot be fully predicted. Fortunately, many of the risks facing organizations can be planned for and assessed.  Sometimes organizations can protect themselves with proper insurance coverage; however, one of the more complex and uninsurable risks facing modern organizations is obsolescence risk, or the potential for a product, service, […]

Elon, Twitter, and D&O Insurance

April 25, 2022
When Elon Musk made an offer to buy Twitter at $54.20 a share, he did more than put a price tag on the social media company of $43 billion. He also prompted Twitter’s Board of Directors to begin a reactionary campaign to prevent Elon’s acquisition of the company using a “poison pill,” or a technique […]

The Ukraine War and Supply Chain Risk Management

April 14, 2022
For the past two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to disrupt supply chains around the world, reaching nearly every industry. With the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine, these supply chain problems have become increasingly more complex and are expected to take even longer to improve. In addition to the challenges presented by COVID-19, the […]

Combating Fraudulent Unemployment Claims in the Workplace

February 8, 2022
The COVID-19 pandemic caused an unprecedented increase in unemployment claims throughout the past two years. While these claims have tapered off, many organizations and individuals are suffering the consequences of insurance fraud. Generally speaking, unemployment insurance fraud refers to intentional withholding of information in order to receive unemployment benefits. Fraudulent claims can involve submitting false […]

The Benefits of Paid Time Off

December 7, 2021
Paid time off is one of the most valued factors individuals consider when looking for employment opportunities. In fact, according to a survey conducted by Glassdoor, 4 in 5 employees want benefits or perks more than a pay raise. The good news for employers? Paid time off is one of the least expensive benefits when […]

HR & Culture

October 28, 2021
October 28, 2021 The American workforce is experiencing a labor shortage unlike anything we have seen since 1945, when workers across the country rebelled against the intense factory jobs that came from wartime efforts. Today, there are more than 8.4 million Americans out of work who are actively seeking employment—a number that falls short of the nearly […]

Supporting Working Parents in a Post-COVID World

October 28, 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic shed light on the struggles of working parents as schools closed and childcare opportunities dwindled. Many working parents were forced to juggle the responsibilities of watching their children while also fulfilling their job duties at the same time. For many parents, finding a balance was nearly impossible.   Even as schools have reopened […]

Why Overworked Employees are Actually Security Risks

August 3, 2021
As many organizations and their employees shifted to working from home in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, most maintained high levels of productivity, while also having the flexibility to care for their families and themselves throughout the crisis. However, new research suggests that working remotely makes it difficult to set work-life boundaries. In fact, […]

Coming Home: An exploration of workplace inclusivity of Veterans with disabilities

June 15, 2021
In the 2019 article “Coming home: Why veterans with disabilities withhold workplace accommodation requests,” RiskVersity’s own Jeanne Holmes and her co-authors of the paper explored an often silent group of individuals: veterans with disabilities in the workplace. The research team of Drs. Katerina Gonzalez, C. Justice Tillman, and Jeanne J Holmes spent several months exploring […]

Travel Risk Management: Looking Beyond COVID-19

June 3, 2021
In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, recommendations by health authorities caused both personal and professional travel to suddenly stop, causing a reduction in travel by nearly 90 percent compared to the previous year. The Global Business Travel Association, the world’s largest business travel association, predicts business travel spending won’t fully recover from the COVID-19 pandemic until […]

The Case for Going Green

April 1, 2021
Sustainability risk management (SRM) allows businesses to align their profit and revenue goals with their environmental policies. While this is a newer area of business strategy, the concept of creating a more eco-responsible work environment is not. In fact, according to a recent Deloitte study, the percentage of U.S. businesses that allocated the highest degree of […]

Considerations and Risks for Employer-Mandated COVID-19 Vaccinations

February 4, 2021
Employers have played a large role in guiding their employees throughout the COVID-19 pandemic since it’s inception in the United States last March. In many ways, employees have looked to employers for guidance on safety regulations and other mandates instilled by the government on both state and federal levels. Now, as the two FDA approved […]

The Risks of Working from Home

December 8, 2020
In March of this year, during the beginning stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the U.S. workforce was setting up their work-from-home offices in the matter of a few days. In fact, by June nearly 40% of the U.S. workforce transitioned to working from home full-time. While these numbers have decreased slightly, only 50% of the […]

Identifying the Levels of Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

October 9, 2020
Over the past decade, leading companies have been making efforts to increase diversity and inclusion within their organizations. While diversity and inclusion movements first stemmed from social and political changes, we’re now seeing its many benefits within the workplace. In fact, according to a study conducted by McKinsey & Company, “companies in the top quartile […]

Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace Culture

July 8, 2020
As recent and ongoing events continue to spark conversations around systemic injustice and privilege, the question often arises, what can I be doing better?  Diversity and inclusion are not new topics for many organizations. In fact, 83% of global businesses say diversity and inclusion are top priorities for their workplace. However, our current national environment tells us there’s still […]

Risk Management Lessons from Past Economic Crises

June 1, 2020
As the entire world takes precautions against the spread of COVID-19, many businesses have been forced to close their doors, ultimately causing a significant decline in economic activity and touching nearly every industry. According to some researchers, our current economic situation could worsen, causing a devastating and lengthy recession. The Bureau of Economic Research reports that there […]

Returning to Work Post-COVID-19

May 8, 2020
The Coronavirus pandemic has had a tremendous impact on our daily lives, especially when it comes to our work environment and business practices. For businesses that will survive the pandemic, work habits and customs are likely to change for the foreseeable future. The reemergence of in-person meetings, international conferences, and busy crowded office spaces is […]

Preparing for the Next Unknown Crisis

April 14, 2020
It’s safe to say the current global pandemic of COVID-19 caught many businesses and organizations by surprise. It seems that just overnight many businesses have had to close their doors, while others are struggling to survive the halt in production and dramatic decrease of consumer demand with an unknown end date. In the midst of […]

Securing a Remote Workforce because of COVID-19

March 25, 2020
Mitch Harris, Senior Cyber Security Consultant at RiskVersity provides an overview of the security implications of a remote workforce. “Thousands of businesses are asking their employees to work from home. And with the sudden influx of hundreds of thousands of remote workers, the attack surface for hackers has just increased exponentially. Given the suddenness of it […]

HR Checklist for Dealing with COVID-19

March 20, 2020
Communicable diseases like coronavirus and the respiratory illness it causes, COVID-19, can severely stall and even paralyze a busy organization. Part of your responsibility as an employer is to do your part to prevent and respond to infectious diseases in the community. Employers are legally liable for both employees and nonemployees infected in the workplace. Here […]

Preparing for the Coronavirus Outbreak

March 16, 2020
While the world is closely monitoring the recent outbreak and spread of COVID-19, an epidemic respiratory illness first detected in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, businesses are quickly creating plans and procedures to protect their staff. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that are common in […]

What Businesses Need to Know about Cyber Security

February 12, 2020
Cyber security comprises everything that is related to protecting information that’s stored on an electronic network, such as sensitive data, personally identifiable information, protected health information, intellectual property and industry information systems.  The threat to cyber security continues to increase as individuals and organizations adopt online systems, like the cloud, to store sensitive and confidential […]

CBD in the Workplace: What to Know

January 16, 2020
In December of 2018, The Farm Bill was signed into effect, legalizing the cultivation of industrial hemp, which is used to make CBD products. CBD, or cannabidiol, contains only trace amounts of THC, tetrahydrocannabinol, and is non-psychotropic. According to the Hemp and CBD Industry Factbook, 2019 retail sales in the U.S. are likely to surpass […]

Reconsidering the School Shooting Epidemic

December 23, 2019
Within the last decade, the increase of gun violence and school shootings targeted at America’s youth has made firearms the second leading cause of death among American children and adolescents, after car crashes. In fact, according to Everytown for Gun Safety, in 2019 alone there were at least 100 incidents of gunfire on school grounds […]

The Bias Problem

November 21, 2019
Despite the growing efforts of expanding diversity and inclusion education in the workplace, the workforce is still seeing a major problem concerning bias. In fact, Deloitte’s recently published 2019 State of Inclusion Survey shows exactly that. While at a glance, the survey’s data seems to reflect a growing culture of inclusion with 86% of respondents […]

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