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In the 2019 article “Coming home: Why veterans with disabilities withhold workplace accommodation requests,” RiskVersity’s own Jeanne Holmes and her co-authors of the paper explored an often silent group of individuals: veterans with disabilities in the workplace.

The research team of Drs. Katerina Gonzalez, C. Justice Tillman, and Jeanne J Holmes spent several months exploring the experiences of veterans with disabilities who were looking for employment. With the support of RecruitMilitary and the DAV, the authors attended RecruitMilitary job fairs and spoke to veterans with disabilities about their experiences in the civilian workplace. This under-studied group of individuals faces a multitude of barriers in today’s working environments. Some of the barriers are well documented, like the need to accommodate in work environments physical disabilities of all individuals including veterans. Other barriers are not quite as obvious to employers, or even the working community at-large.

A summary of the academic literature summarized and contextualized the paper’s findings in a white paper, covering specific topics such as:

  • Veterans in the Workplace: By the Numbers
  • Competing Stereotypes of Veterans
  • Making the Invisible Visible
  • The Role of Inclusivity in Veteran Safety
  • How to Create a Fully Inclusive Environment for Military Veterans with Disabilities
  • Action Items for Employers

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