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North American Properties

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North American Properties


North American Properties (NAP) is a Cincinnati-based construction company that
focuses on real estate development for multifamily residences, mixed-use buildings, offices,
student housing, hotel and retail environments across the United States. The company was
formed in 1954, and over the years, it has expanded to include locations in Fort Myers, Dallas,
and Atlanta.


As a real estate development company, NAP has a significant portion of its work in
one of the nation’s most dangerous industries—construction. Amy Townsend, Director of Risk
Management at NAP, needed outside perspective on the company’s risk profile. This risk profile
included two core aspects: NAP’s own internal risk management and its operational
vulnerabilities as a construction company with multiple developments and subcontractors
active on job sites across the country. The insurance portfolio at NAP was a complex and
integral part of the company’s ongoing success.

The Challenge

Creating a risk-management program that comprehensively addressed internal
organizational risk as well as reducing risk on operational projects required significant
exploration of North America Properties. The company has multiple offices across the United
States, which increases the opportunities for risk exposure within its own operations. From
personnel management to shared credentials to internal financial controls, companies with
multiple office locations inherently add risk to their operations. In addition, NAP needed to be
sure its projects, people, and investments were properly covered by their existing insurance
policies. From safety on the job site to property damage, the NAP’s developments themselves
needed to be protected.

Why RiskVersity

RiskVersity has the experience and knowledge in performing risk audits and
insurance program reviews to meet the needs of organizations with multifaceted risk exposures
and comprehensive insurance portfolios like North American Properties. Our team knows how
to ask the right questions, identify vulnerabilities, and create plans for mitigating internal and
operational risk.

The Solution:

RiskVersity worked side by side with Townsend and the NAP team to fully analyze
and evaluate risk exposures. Through this partnership, our analysis identified key areas of
operations to focus risk mitigation:
• Cybersecurity: Ensuring consistent best practices for operations, including assessing and
documenting items such as password sharing and policies across locations
• Human Resources: Augmenting connectivity between internal departments and
professional employer organization to increase communication and reinforce employee
• Accounting: Enhancing existing financial controls and confirming a consistent policy
across the organization to reduce exposure to financial loss

• Safety: Enhance existing safety measures and protocols to protect employees and
critical company assets
• Facilities: Develop and reinforce trainings for employees regarding best practices for on-
site management, including active shooter trainings, managing security systems, and
• Leadership & Operations: Introduce company succession planning for business
continuity, standardizing contracts, and travel policies

“Our partnership with RiskVersity provided the support we needed to fully evaluate our
business, both internally and in our construction and development projects. They had
extensive knowledge and were easy to work with. RiskVersity learned how our business
operates and, in turn, asked the right questions to keep our company as protected as

Amy Townsend, Director, Risk Management, North American Properties

The Impact

The comprehensive insurance portfolio review and internal risk assessment
provided Townsend a series of recommendations for addressing key areas of exposure. The
partnership set North American Properties up for a successful implementation of
recommendations. In addition to providing documentation of NAP’s risk profile, RiskVersity also
delivered assurance that the company’s people, projects, and investments were as protected as

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