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Project-Based Consulting

Effective risk management programs can be developed for an entire organization as well as specific projects and opportunities. RiskVersity offers our team of experts to explore your organization’s risk management needs on a consulting basis: we understand that you may need additional support for a limited amount of time or in a contained application, and we are happy to help.

For larger projects, RiskVersity offers Fractional Chief Risk Officer services. But for those special projects and periods of time that are more limited in scope, our team is ready to step in as your risk management experts

RiskVersity offers outsourced risk management services. RiskVersity uses our 5-Step Risk Management Process to clearly identify, analyze, evaluate, treat, and monitor risks. This process also helps to resolve problems when they occur, as those problems have been anticipated, and plans to treat them have been developed. This helps organizations avoid impulsive reactions, making for happier, less stressed project teams and stakeholders. The end result is that you minimize the impacts of project threats and capture the opportunities that occur.

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