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RiskVersity Welcomes Alvina Nyako

A native from West Africa (Ghana and Liberia), Alvina has over 10 years of experience in Safety and Risk Management, where she has been developing and implementing comprehensive risk management policies across various public entity organizations. With a dynamic and proactive approach, she excels at identifying and analyzing a wide range of enterprise risks and devising effective solutions to mitigate them.

As the former risk manager for a medium size city in North Carolina, Alvina utilizes her knowledge and experience to assist public entity risk managers and senior public entity executives to optimize the design and functioning of their risk management & insurance programs, with a focus on risk control, safety, OSHA, and claims/incidents in order to help control and reduce losses.

Alvina has a B.A. in Psychology from Hampton University and an MBA in Business Management and Administration from Wingate University. She is well-versed in several key areas critical to her field, including OSHA regulations, risk management, ADA compliance, workers' compensation, insurance and claims management, policies and procedures, safety inspections and audits, compliance with NFPA and EPA standards, and effective recordkeeping.

Her professional journey and qualifications reflect her dedication to safety and risk management. Alvina’s ability to navigate complex risk scenarios and her commitment to ensuring compliance with regulatory standards make her an asset to any organization. Her educational background, extensive experience, and relevant certifications reinforce her expertise in managing risk and promoting safety across various domains.

Corporate Office
151 W. Fourth Street #27
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

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