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Supplier Diversity

The RiskVersity Team brings over 70 years of combined experience in planning, development and execution of successful supplier diversity, equity and inclusion programs, processes, and strategic initiatives. Together, we offer an exceptional team to provide the leadership needed in the development of proper supplier diversity programs.

Supplier Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (SDEI) Program Tenet

RiskVersity works with our clients to design, build, and sustain world-class SDEI programs. Our approach includes cornerstone aspects such as:

SD Leadership Commitment

Securing top-down commitment and ongoing engagement of CEO and other C-Suite Executives as well as defining operational resources, technology, and budget 

SD Policy & Procedure

Establishing an inclusive procurement policy of considering and doing business with diverse suppliers as part of the sourcing and bid process; Developing a strategic plan that aligns with DEI and Procurement objectives

SD Council of Excellence Steering Committee

Charging a group comprised of key staff for ensuring the process is systemic throughout the organization with accountability

SD Benchmark for Diverse Spend Goals

Establishing organization-wide supplier diversity goals and objectives from internal benchmark data

SD Reporting

Developing protocol and identifying metrics for diverse spend reporting

SD Stakeholder Engagement 

Establishing internal and external relationships and identifying resources to support business practices, i.e., advocacy, certification, strategic sourcing, bid participation

SD Education 

Providing senior executives and management coaching and counsel 

SD Second Tier

Establishing second tier objectives to further increase diverse spend impact

SD Industry Benchmarking

Comparing best industry practice against existing processes to assess performance (In that insurance organizations are lagging in supplier diversity

SD Sustainability

Ensuring utilization and retention of diverse suppliers long-term through defensible strategies

For more information about our Supplier Diversity Equity and Inclusion programs, please contact

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