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RFP Management

RiskVersity has established an RFP management service that has proven effective with clients in many industries with varying needs.

Our RFP management services will assist you in selecting a competent broker or TPA familiar with your industry and best suited to fit your culture. We eliminate the need to interact with an unlimited number of vendors by writing, issuing, and managing Request for Proposals on your behalf. Our process gives your team the ability to have flexible levels of involvement during the request and response process.

Examples of RFP management services include:

  • Understanding the specific details of our clients' needs, including exact requirements to fully satisfy the request for proposals.
  • Creating a comprehensive RFP to be shared nationally to attract qualified vendors and/or third-party administrators.
  • Develop a system to manage incoming applications, answer questions from applicants, review applications for completeness, and verify applicant credentials.
  • Evaluate the responses to ensure the final candidates can satisfy the RFP requirements in full.
  • Create a summary of the leading candidates and make a recommendation to key stakeholders.
  • Present the final recommendation and corresponding budget to stakeholders with justification for the final recommendation(s).

Read Our RFP Management Case Studies

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