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Wayne County Case Study

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Wayne County Case Study


The government agency for Wayne County, North Carolina, is a long-term client of
RiskVersity. The relationship initially began more than 12 years ago, when Wayne County
engaged RiskVersity for assistance on the property and casualty insurance side of their
operations. In 2021, Wayne County needed a new third-party administrator for insurance, and
they turned to their trusted partner, RiskVersity, to help with the RFP and selection process.


Wayne County needed to secure a new TPA. To do so, they needed to create,
announce, and distribute a formal RFP for the work to open the opportunity up for public
competition. Christopher Holmes took the lead on the RiskVersity side, and he partnered with
Ginger Moore, the Director of Human Resources for the County of Wayne. The ultimate goal
was to find a trustworthy third-party administrator to handle the municipality’s insurance
claims, adjustments, communications, and claims tracking processes.

The Challenge

The County of Wayne had a longstanding arrangement with their existing TPA
claims administrator. All parties wanted to handle the replacement of the current provider with
respect and efficiency. RiskVersity had an established relationship with Wayne County due to
previous work and services provided. This initial level of trust was helpful to RiskVersity as they
started the process in partnership with the county. After initial discovery meetings to fully
understand the needs of Wayne County in their next TPA, RiskVersity wrote and released a
formal RFP to both the local community and RiskVersity’s national contacts. A unique portion of
this particular RFP process occurred during the selection process. RiskVersity, on behalf of
Wayne County, presented the recommendations for TPA to the county commissioners. Due to
the budget involved, the commissioners must approve the final selection and the financials
involved. Wayne County always strives to be good stewards of the citizens and use all funds
with diligence, and the presentation was an essential part of the approval process. Ultimately,
RiskVersity’s recommended provider was reviewed and approved by the Wayne County Board
of Commissioners.

Why RiskVersity

RiskVersity was a trusted resource that had an existing relationship with
Wayne County. The municipality had years of previous experience working with the RiskVersity
team, and our reputation as a reliable partner bolstered their confidence in our process.
The Solution: Our team served Wayne County in several ways, including:
• Understanding the specific details of Wayne County’s TPA needs, including exact
requirements to fully satisfy request.
• Creating a comprehensive RFP to be shared nationally to attract qualified TPAs.
• Develop a system to manage incoming applications, answer questions from applicants,
review applications for completeness, and verify applicant credentials.
• Evaluate the responses to ensure the final candidates can satisfy the RFP requirements
in full.

• Create a summary of the leading candidates and make a recommendation to partners at
Wayne County
• Present the final recommendation and corresponding budget to the Wayne County
Board of Commissioners
“The RiskVersity team was incredibly easy to work with. Chris communicated very well
throughout the process and completed the entire process within the time we expected. It
was very enjoyable and the outcome was a very smooth transition from one provider to the

Ginger Moore, Director of Human Resources, Wayne County Government

The Impact

In the end, Wayne County selected a final TPA based on RiskVersity’s
recommendation. RiskVersity went before the county commissioners to make the case for why
the final recommended provider was the best provider for county despite not being the most
cost-effective solution. The transition from the existing provider to the new provider was
smooth and professional. The new provider has been in place since July 2021.

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